EV Tour

Welcome to China to visit and investigate, companies in new energy electric vehicle related industries!

  We provide professional new energy electric vehicle tour project services for global customers. If you are interested in China's electric vehicle industry, we will arrange a comprehensive and in-depth tour for you. Our projects cover the production lines of automobile factories, various charging pile factories, battery manufacturers, electric vehicle parts manufacturers, etc., aiming to give you a comprehensive understanding of the development and latest technology of China's electric vehicle industry.


The service content includes the following full set of procedures:

1. Airport pick-up service: We will welcome you at the local airport when you arrive in China, so that you can feel intimate care in a foreign country.

2. Vehicle provision: We will provide you with comfortable vehicles to ensure your convenience and comfort during the entire visit.

3. Itinerary arrangement: We will make a personalized itinerary according to your needs and interests to ensure that you can visit the enterprises and projects you are interested in.

4. Translation service: We provide fluent bilingual translation to ensure barrier-free communication and communication between you and local business representatives.

5. Accommodation and catering: We book high-quality hotel accommodation and food for you, so that you can enjoy comfortable rest and delicious local food after visiting.

6. Visit and travel: In addition to industrial visits, we also arrange visits to local cultural attractions and tourist attractions for you, so that you can fully understand Chinese culture and history.

7. Test drive experience: You will have the opportunity to test drive the latest electric vehicles in person to experience the excellent performance and driving pleasure of China's electric vehicle technology.

8. Airport drop-off service: After the visit, we will arrange a vehicle to take you back to the airport, drawing a success