1. What kind of electric vehicle export company is your company?

We are a company in China that focuses on the export business of electric vehicles, and is committed to providing high-quality electric vehicles and solutions for global customers.

2. Which electric vehicle models does your company have that can be exported?

Our company provides various types of electric vehicles, covering sedans, SUVs, MPVs and buses, etc., to meet the needs of different customers.

3. Do your company's electric vehicles meet international standards?

Yes, our electric vehicles comply with international standards and national regulations to ensure their legal operation worldwide.

4. What documents and certificates do electric vehicles need to meet for export?

The export of electric vehicles needs to meet the import requirements of the customs of various countries. We will assist customers to prepare the required documents and certificates to ensure smooth export.

5. How to establish a cooperative relationship with your company?

You can get in touch with our sales team through the contact information on the website or email, and we will reply as soon as possible and communicate with you further cooperation details.

6. Does your company provide customized electric vehicle service?

Yes, we can provide customized electric vehicle services according to customers' needs, including color, configuration and special functions, etc.

7. Are charging facilities for electric vehicles included in export services?

Electric vehicles exported usually do not include charging facilities. But we can provide customers with related charging piles to meet charging needs.

8. Does your company's export service cover all countries?

Yes, our export services cover the world, no matter which country you are in, we can support you.

9. How to solve the damage problem during the transportation of electric vehicles?

We will take strict packaging and protection measures to ensure that electric vehicles are safe and undamaged during transportation. In case of accidental damage, we will compensate and settle according to the insurance regulations.

10. Is there a warranty for electric vehicles?

Yes, we provide warranty service for all electric vehicles exported. Please contact our sales team for specific warranty terms.